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Search Engine Optimization is the main key to shine on the Google Search Engine and other search engines.

The live video is here. Thanks to Amine Customer Support & Consent Representative at Dothostia !

The following is a bullet point list of tips to improve your website reference on Google:


Light weight page: Don’t overload you page content the shortest and the most concis your content is the better your page will be referenced by google.

Use Html headers tags <h1> </h1> h1 header is the favorite google algorithm food.

A blog with rich content is always the best way to improve your website’s SEO.


URLs must contain static worlds for example: Containing Management Systems will often suggest you post links with the post header words. Feel free to change this post’s link to use specific words. (This links are managed with .htaccess files).

To choose the best keywords to improve your SEO in “urls” Google provides an amazing tool the Google keyword planner

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

Google likes SSL certificates it insures encryption of the data between the server and the client see this article from Fourdots why you need SSL to rank better.

Choose a good Hosting platform that provides a high speed delivery for the hosted content and that provides a free SSL certificate in it’s packages and the last but not the least a DEDICATED IP address to avoid blacklisting in mutual servers.

Choose Cloud over Classic hosting for higher speed and server security.

Social networks

Don’t forget that Google created Google+ to compete with Facebook than if you want to be well ranked at Google’s engine you must create a Google+ page for you buisness.

Biggest mistake !

Never start a website from scratch again and again because it’s like to wipe off all the work you’ve done on the first shot. Improve you’re first version of your website because Google bots are crawling the web see hereCrawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.

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Update 09/22/2017

If you really need to transfer your website to a new hosting or change some file names for example from login.php to connexion,php to keep the referencing you must use .htaccess redirections using permanent redirection to the root / with code 301. This is to avoid that old refered link pointing to an unexciting page  with error 404 the server will redirect the visitor to the root page. Usually Cpanel have an option to manage the .htaccess files to add this redirection.

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