Editorial 01/30/2018

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It’s been a long time since I haven’t written and editorial.

New stuff is coming on the blog I am participating to a Startup Weekend by Techstars in Montreal on the 9 -10 – 11 March SW DIVERSITÉ organized by “Jeune Chambre de Commerce Haïtienne” in collaboration with “Ideal Co working“. This 54 hours weekends are very challenging pushing the limits of creativity and team working to create a sustainable business that will rock the market with innovative ideas and technologies.

Few years ago I worked on organizing the edition of Startup Weekend Quebec at Laval University with friends from the campus, it was an amazing experience with leaders from the IT word of Quebec city.

I’ll inform of the evolution of the Startup Weekend Montreal DIVERSITÉ.

I try to do my best to bring new articles related to open source tools such as FFMPEG and video manipulation. I am fan of manipulating transport streams and I am planning to build a web service to automatically download all type of videos from any protected website (except encrypted videos) by analyzing the website network’s output and inputs request. I already explained in a previous post how to user FFMPEG to concatenate Transport Streams downloaded with the described method.

Please stay tune and enjoy you reading on larbizard.com

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