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No fly zone map

I started a new map to log all the no fly zone areas and the fly zone areas to help drone pilots have fun securely and in legal conditions. I am using Google API to display all airport within 200 kilometers around Montreal City. Please give me suggestions to improve the map in the comments section.

This map is not a 100 % valid reference please be responsible when flying and respect the TC drone safety rules

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How to connect an external microphone to your Smartphone

I always wondered why my 10$ external lapel microphone I bought for my GOPRO won’t work with my smartphone. The answer is that the ground and the Mic connectors are inverted between a microphone 3.5 mm male jack and a smartphone female 3.5 mm jack connector. This video shows step by step a diy (do it yourself) adapter to connect any microphone with a 3.5 mm jack to your smartphone. If you are too lazy you can still buy the MyMyk adapter for about 30 $.

List of tools :

  • Lapel microphone:
  • MyMyk adapter:
  • 3.5 mm Jack Femal Socket: